Our Story

Our Story

It all began when the world was hit with the covid pandemic in 2020. Everyone had to stay and work from home. We were told that many farmers and small businesses in Indonesia struggled with many harvested fruits being unsold due to lock down as logistics and distribution were stopped. We heard their initiatives to sell their excess inventory by making them into different products through a vacuum frying machine, food dehydrator, and a freeze-dry machine. In summer of 2020, we prepared a socio-economic project and gained the support from Indonesian government institutions.

We flew to Indonesia to meet the producers. Our project facilitated them to improve their products, certify the products and producers, and bringing them to Canada. The goal was to test the market and get feedback from North American’s customers.

The customers’ response on some of the products was overwhelming, our products are not just very delicious and flavorful; they are healthy, unique, and meet North American’s standard. At the SIAL food show, we were told by the organizer that our Tempeh Chips could win the food innovation awards if we registered to the competition. Our Fruit and Veggie Chips also received so many positive feedback, as well as our Dehydrated Tropical Fruits and Freeze-Dried Tropical Fruits.

We were able to connect with several distributors who were interested to partner with us and in 2023 we launched our 4 brands to represent the products: Woh Tempeh Chips, Momchipz Fruit and Veggie Chips, Java Bite Sweet Dried Fruits, and Frootiful Freeze-dried Fruits. Until now, April 2024, the products are well distributed in more than 60 stores in Ontario and are going to start distributing to more than 50 stores in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and New York state in the US.

We are so grateful that we could contribute to our motherland, Indonesia, to help increase the economy of local fruit farmers and small producers, so they could get more earnings. We are proud to witness the growth of their business as they start to sell their products to other countries. We also got connected with a non-profit organization to help the unfortunate children in Indonesia. We are committed to donating 2 cents of every product we sell to help provide more nutritious food to children aged 3-14 years old as almost all of the children are coming from families with income as low as $20 a week.